Beach Theme Reading Corner

There is something special about a reading corner. In a reading corner, students can relax and dive into their story, using their imaginations to act out each scene. They become interested in reading because you have provided a creative place for them. What better way to read your book than lying on a beach towel or under an umbrella. Creative reading corners get kids excited about reading. If a reading corner is fun and interesting, students want to go to the reading corner to read. They may even beg to go there!

The beach themed reading corner can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. There are so many items that can be used to set the scene. I’ve gathered some ideas and resources so you can create that beach oasis in your classroom. You can pick and choose items that work for you or you can use these ideas to create your own beach theme. Many of these items could be made, such as the beach background. Using those big rolls of paper, you could create water, sky, sand, sun, palm trees, etc. You could make your own shells and stick them around the reading corner or hang two sided seagulls from the ceiling.

The beach themed reading corner can be as elaborate or simple as you want. You could just have some beach towels, an umbrella, and a beach ball to set your scene. Or you could go all out and have a beach background, beach chairs, surfboards, and palm trees. I know that everyone has a budget, so whether you purchase items or make your own, I hope the things I have found are helpful in making your beach themed reading corner come alive.

Beach Backdrops:

These backgrounds can be attached to the wall or hung from the ceiling. They give the perfect feeling of being at the beach with little work on your part!

Vinyl Tropical Beach Backdrop Banner

30' Blue Sky and Ocean Beach Backdrop

Ocean and Sky Backdrop

30' Beach Wall Backdrop (sand)


I picked out a rug, that looks like sand, that could be put down in front of one of the backdrops. That way the students could be "lying" in the sand. This rug comes in different sizes depending on the amount of space you have for your reading corner and it's an indoor/outdoor rug, so it's durable. 

Indoor/Outdoor Sand Polypropylene Area Rug




Stuffed Sea Animals: 

These would be great as pillows or as some sort of reward. For example, students could be allowed to read with the animals if they turned in all their homework or exhibited a desired behavior. There could even be a rotating schedule for students to read with the animals, as long as weekly requirements are met. They could also just be for fun to get students excited about reading!

Seymour Seagull (8")

Brown Pelican (14")

Sea Turtle (12")

Speckles Monk Seal (12")

Crappy the Crab (12")

Mary Meyer Lobbie Lobster (17")

Skimmer Dolphin