Poster Picks: Elementary Edition


I love a great inspirational poster or a poster that gives important information about writing or one that walks you through counting. I still remember some of the posters my teachers had hanging in their classrooms. Ones that I would read over and over again throughout class everyday. Some of those posters helped me work out equations or remember where to put a comma and some of the quotes are still with me today. Sometimes the posters just gave me a good laugh and helped me through the day.

Posters can be a learning tool that you display during a unit that quickly sums up the ideas you’ve been teaching or a visual aid you refer to as you discuss writing. They can be images of famous people in history or quotes to encourage students to work hard. Whatever you use posters for, I think they are a valuable asset to the classroom and the learning process.

I have found a wonderful website full of posters for any topic you could need. From classroom subjects such as math, science, history, language, and geography to art, music, and fitness and of course inspirational quotes. There are thousands of posters to choose from, so I’ve chosen some that I love and believe to be useful in the classroom. Take a look at the ones I have picked and if you can’t find something you love, have a look at the site for yourself! The site even lets you narrow down the options to only the subject or topic you are looking for, which is very helpful. There are even options to have the poster framed, put on canvas, wood mounted, or laminated (at an additional price). 



Language Arts






Health and Fitness

Inspirational Quotes


In the Classroom 

Think Before You Speak

Safety Posters (these posters focus on respect, bullying, classroom behavior, etc.)

Respect Classmates